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Milwaukee Children's Dentist

A dentist for the whole family

Dr. Ross treats children, teens, young adults, parents and seniors. We provide personal treatment plans and care to every individual; plans that work in your timeline, on your budget, within your family coverage. Let’s face it, traveling to three separate “specialized” dentists for each stage of your child’s development is a little crazy – on top of regularly going to your adult dentist. Ross Dental is the comprehensive dentist that will treat the whole family at affordable rates.

We provide a relaxing environment for children and adults alike. Nobody likes going to the dentist, so we work hard to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible at our dentistry and that your treatments are painless. Dr. Ross uses sedation dentistry practices when necessary or for patients who experience anxiety when going to the dentist. It’s the number one way for children and adults alike to relax during procedures, treatments, or just regular appointments. Get in touch to schedule your and your child’s dental appointment.

Ross Dental accepting child patients with no insurance

Ross Dental is a Family Dentistry

We’re a family-friendly dentistry here in New Berlin—we make each and every patient feel as comfortable as possible with great staff, personalized care, and fun freebies: even patients younger than 10. If your child is ready for his or her first visit to the dentist, then stop in at Ross Dental for free consultation. Get the whole family going to a single, comprehensive dentist in the Milwaukee-area.

Dentists for Families throughout Milwaukee and Beyond

Ross Dental is always accepting new patients from Milwaukee, including:

We treat the whole family in one facility - save on trips and go to the comprehensive dentist for your family's dental needs. 

Accepted Insurances for Family Dental Care

Ross Dental of New Berlin accepts patients throughout southeast Wisconsin who are insured through:

And any other insurance coverage that allows you to see a dentist outside your network. Our team works with you to figure out your family coverage to ensure you get the work you need and stay in budget. Dr. Ross develops personalized plans within your coverage, and will quote any extensive work out of pocket. Get in touch to schedule your child's (and family's) appointment today and speak with our financing office to learn more about pay plans.

No insurance? No problem

Ross Dental takes CareCredit and offers payment plans too! Every child deserves quality dental care from the start, schedule their appointment today.

What’s the difference between child dentist and pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist specializes in early life dental practices only. Kind of a like a Pediatrician. Their offices are decked out in child friendly decorations and all the works to make children (especially those with special needs) feel relaxed and comfortable.

Though pediatric dentists are specialists, they are not necessary in most cases with children. Dr. Ross is a child dentist, meaning he is qualified (by experience and training) to handle early life dental practices. Our office, although not decked out in stuffed animals, is designed with patient comfort in mind.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

Starting at 12 months, or 6 months after their first tooth comes in. It’s important to start early so your child develops good oral hygiene habits.

During the first visits with your child, Dr. Ross will:

  • Get to know you and your child
  • Initiate care to prevent or mitigate common pediatric oral diseases and conditions
  • Provide you with information to prevent dental disease
  • Begin fluoride treatment for your child as needed
  • Identify any special risks your child may have for dental problems and begin planning a preventative program

A dentist for children with autism

Dr. Ross is proud to work with children with special needs! Children on the spectrum may have difficulty during their visit to the dentist, and sedation dentistry provides a gentle and effective way to ensure necessary treatments are safely completed for your child.

Tooth Extractions for Children

Is your child experiencing severe tooth ache? Headaches? Throbbing? They might be experiencing the first signs of cavity that should be removed before decay spreads through the whole mouth or nerve. 
Based on your child’s needs and state of health, we can recommend sedation dentistry for the extraction process. Sedation dentistry is safe for children, but Dr. Ross may find an alternate course of action that provides your child with even safer treatment.

Affordable children's dentist in New BerlinHow often should I take my child to the dentist?

A child should see the dentist as often as adults do—every 6 months. If there are extenuating circumstances, then your child should come in more regularly so their condition can be monitored closely. 

Can my child be left alone at the dentist?

Young children should be accompanied by an adult, especially because Dr. Ross will be advising new parents on how to implement good oral hygiene habits early on. As your child gets older, you can start to leave them alone for most of the visit as we guide them to developing their own hygiene habits.

Contact Ross Dental New Berlin for more information on our children’s dentistry!
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