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Ross Dental’s sedation dentistry makes dental care painless & anxiety-free for everyone in your family.

We make your comfort our number one concern from the moment you arrive. Our caring staff uses the latest and best methods in modern dentistry including sedation dentistry and gentle dentistry to ensure you have a completely pain- and anxiety-free dental visit.

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Pain free dentistry near Milwaukee, WI from Ross Dental

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Dr. Ross will determine the level of sedation required to reduce your fear, manage the pain, and ensure your safety. Level of sedation ranges from minimal to moderate to deep, meaning you could be awake but relaxed or completely unconscious. Most patients remember very little or nothing at all about the procedure.

Can you still feel pain with sedation or laughing gas?

Unconscious sedation is a sleep dentistry procedure involving general anesthesia – most patients do not need this level of sedation to eliminate their dental fears or pain. Your risk is also higher with unconscious sedation.

Other methods of sedation include oral sedation (taking a pill very similar to valium), IV sedation (allowing the dentist to continually control the level of sedation), and nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas). Laughing gas relaxes you and makes you worry less, allowing you to feel less discomfort.

Cosmetic procedures and dental restoration treatments usually involve some type of sedation. For procedures like root canals or wisdom teeth removal, we prefer sedation via oral conscious sedation.

What is Gentle Dentistry?

Gentle dentistry is a practice combining compassionate patient care and painless dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can be part of gentle dentistry.

Ross Dental also calms dental-related anxiety by offering our patients:

  1. Highly effective numbing cream for minor procedures such as teeth cleanings
  2. Noise-canceling Bose headphones you can wear during your visit, so you won't have to hear a thing
  3. Ultra-low radiography and radiation-free imaging
  4. Convenient payment options include CareCredit so you can get the treatment you need right away, and make affordable payments over time.

Many of our dental procedures, even substantial cosmetic and restorative treatments can be completed in a single visit, reducing the amount of time you spend at the dentist.

Twilight Dentistry Keeps You Awake While Eliminating Your Pain and Fear

Proper dental care is crucial for a healthy smile and body. Forfeiting dental care services due to a fear of the dentist puts you at an increased risk of developing other health problems, including but not limited to bone loss, cancer, hardened arteries, high blood pressure, blood clots, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis. Ross Dental takes the fear out of the dentist with sedation dentistry, helping you and/or your children sit through their dental appointments awake yet pain-free.

We know going to the dentist can be stressful. That's why we take pride in providing the most comfortable care including longer procedures such as:

  • Full-mouth dental implants
  • Placing veneers
  • Wisdom teeth removal

Ross Dental provides sedation dentistry services in the cities of New Berlin, Muskego, Waukesha, Milwaukee, West Allis, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, Menomonee Falls and more.

Sedation Dentistry FAQ

Say goodbye to dental anxiety with Ross Dental's sedation dentistry.

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What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients feel calm and relaxed for dental procedures. It’s also commonly referred to as sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry. The level of sedation depends on the type of treatment and the patient’s needs. 

What does sedation dentistry feel like?

How Sedation Dentistry Feels

Pain-free sedation dentistry (also known as twilight dentistry) sedates you but does not put you completely to sleep. You will be awake during your dental procedure but believe you were asleep, and the best part is, you won’t feel a thing. 

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

Cost of Sedation Dentistry 

The cost of sedation dentistry depends on your insurance coverage, dentist, location, and type of sedation. In the suburbs of Milwaukee, the cost can vary from a hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the type of sedation used. Nitrous oxide is the most popular gentle dentistry procedure and usually costs around $25 - $100 or more.

The other methods mentioned above, like IV and anesthesia, are mainly used for oral surgery, so the price is much higher than a regular nitrous oxide procedure. Keep in mind, sedation is a separate cost from the dental procedure and is usually not covered by insurance.

Ross Dental’s staff can give you an accurate quote on the cost of your sedation needs.

How safe is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is very predictable, and when a qualified provider tailors treatment for each patient it is a safe and effective way to quell fear and facilitate important dental treatments. Patients with a dental phobia will be much safer with sedation dentistry, as they get to relax.

Consult your doctor before sedation dentistry via anesthesia if you’re obese, have sleep apnea, or have other major health concerns. Other sedation options, like numbing cream or laughing gas, are perfect for people who can’t sit still and have anxiety during their dental appointments. Sedation dentistry is a very safe procedure. It’s productive, painless and keeps you calm during the whole process. 


Is sedation dentistry safe while pregnant?

Sedation Dentistry While Pregnant

Typically, sedation dentistry is not recommended for pregnant patients. There are exceptions, so talk to your dentist if you have questions about safe and achievable dental treatments during your pregnancy.


Is sedation dentistry safe for children?

Sedation Dentistry for Children

Sedation dentistry can help manage children's dental anxiety.

Managing a child’s pain and anxiety during dental visits is essential to establishing good oral health. Sedation dentistry can be used safely and successfully to provide dental treatment for children. It’s important for your dentist to meet and evaluate your child to determine the best course of action.


Is sedation dentistry good for special needs patients?

Sedation Dentistry for Patients with Special Needs

Ross Dental is proud to provide exceptional care for every patient. Dental patients with special needs may have extra difficulty during dental visits, and sedation dentistry provides a gentle and effective way to ensure necessary treatments are safely completed.

Patients with special needs include individuals with autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, emotional disturbances or mental disabilities. Contact Ross Dental today to speak with a caring staff member about sedation dentistry and treatment options for your special needs friend or family member.


Can you eat before sedation dentistry?

It depends on the type of sedation and the type of drugs used. Before your sedation dentistry appointment, Dr. Ross will provide specific instructions including what you can eat or drink.

Can you Drive Home After Sedation Dentistry?

Whether you can safely drive yourself home or not depends on the type of anesthesia used. Many local anesthetics will not inhibit a person's ability to drive safely. Additionally, nitrous oxide wears off extremely quickly, making it possible to drive shortly afterward. However, anesthetics administered orally or intravenously take longer to leave the body. Patients that opt for oral or IV anesthesia will need to arrange to be driven home. 

What are the side effects of sedation dentistry?

The side effects of sedation dentistry vary depending on the type of anesthesia and the individual patient. The most common side effects are:

  • Having no memory of the procedure, despite being awake
  • Inability to drive home
  • General drowsiness

Some patients also experience:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
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