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Bruxism Treatment Helping Waukesha Sleep Soundly

Millions of people, adults and children alike, are affected by bruxism. Most people are unaware of their condition – typically grinding and clenching of the teeth occurs at night. Bruxism can be a slight irritation but can be medically dangerous if your bruxism condition is severe.

Signs you may have bruxism include:

  1. Grinding and/or clenching your teeth while sleeping (typically noticed by a sleeping partner or parent)
  2. Jaw and/or Facial Pain
  3. Headaches
  4. Gum Damage
  5. Tooth Sensitivity
  6. Loose Teeth
  7. Tooth Wear - Fractures of your Teeth and Fillings

The key to relieving pain associated with bruxism is immediate treatment. Treatment typically includes a fitted mouth guard you wear at night to protect your teeth. If there is significant tooth wear, treatment options such as rebuilding your teeth to their original size, are available.

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Long-Term Treatment for Bruxism

Since bruxism typically goes unnoticed by patients, clenching or grinding of your teeth usually continues over an extended period of time, causing significant long-term dental problems. Your teeth will be worn to such an extent they easily chip or crack. The entire function of your jaw could be affected by bruxism. Many chronic headaches have been traced back directly to clenched jaw muscles during sleep.

If you suspect you are grinding or clenching your teeth, visit Dr. Ross for relief. Even if you are unaware of your condition, our preventative dentistry professionals can recognize the symptoms of bruxism during your regular dental visits, helping you seek treatment earlier.

What Causes Bruxism and Teeth Clenching?

Treatment for Bruxism in Wisconsin. Currently, the causes of bruxism are not 100% agreed upon. Many dentists believe it is common in people with high stress or anxiety. Sometimes an abnormal bite is caused by clenching your teeth - this happens when the top and bottom teeth cause friction as they come together. Once you realize you have bruxism, it’s more important to get treatment immediately than try to figure out the cause of your teeth clenching. By consulting with Dr. Ross, we’ll face your bruxism problem together and determine the appropriate treatment. If your bruxism is caused by a misaligned jaw or crooked/uneven teeth, we may use a restorative procedure to realign your teeth and stop your teeth from clenching.

Remedies to Your Teeth Grinding Pain

Reducing anxiety and stress levels in your everyday life leads to a healthy lifestyle. It can also help many people eliminate their teeth clenching and grinding problems. Stress can affect your mouth and jaw muscles, leaving you painfully clenching your teeth at night. Taking steps to reduce your stress will help you defeat bruxism. Sometimes exercising or taking a restorative yoga class means long-term benefits for your health and state of mind. You can even try taking a hot shower or herbal tea before bed. It’s worth trying especially if your teeth are suffering from bruxism.

People who have a habit of chewing gum or drinking coffee are more susceptible to bruxism. Chewing gum creates a habit of always clenching your teeth together. A simple remedy would be to try a mint or candy, anything with less chewing. Coffee induces stress, so not having caffeine later in the day results in better rest and relaxing molars.

Simple teeth-grinding remedies don’t always work. When you have bruxism, seeing a dentist should be your first step. When you choose Ross Dental, we will assess the damage done to your teeth, build a plan to avoid future damage and help you maintain a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

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