Monthly Payment plans available at Ross Dental in New Berlin and Waukesha

Monthly Payment Plans for Dental Work Near Milwaukee No Insurance Dental Care Made Easy

Ross Dental’s New Berlin & Waukesha dental offices offer monthly payment plans with CareCredit so you can afford the work you need. It is not easy to pay for dental work with no money and no insurance. However, the longer you wait the more damage your teeth may have. Bi-annual teeth cleanings are much cheaper than paying for expensive work like dental crowns or root canal surgery down the road. Ross Dental wants you to save money and save your teeth with available no insurance dental care. 

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CareCredit for No Insurance Dental Work

Many insurance plans do not cover the cost of dental checkups or procedures, so Ross Dental has made it easier for patients to get dental care with no insurance. Our friendly staff will help you sign up for CareCredit so you can make affordable, monthly payments on dental care AFTER the work is done. This medical credit card has a variety of covered procedures, including costly procedures like dental implants, veneers, root canals, and crowns. 

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CareCredit & Insurance Work Together

If you’ve exhausted your dental insurance policy for the year and you need more dental work done, have no fear. The CareCredit plan will take over where your insurance policy left off, giving you the time to schedule appointments, get the dental procedure you need, and finally relax knowing you’re not limited to just basic coverage.

Affordable Payment Plans

Ross Dental works with CareCredit for payment plans. CareCredit acts as a credit card for health care services (including medical care, dental care and even pet care). If you pay your balance off within 6 months, you pay 0% interest and can start over with a clean slate—just in time for the second yearly checkup.

There is also financing for longer terms such as 12, 18 & 24-month periods. CareCredit can be used for cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, restorative care such as dental implants, and regular dental checkups. You may not have dental insurance, but you do have options!

Payment Plans for No Insurance Dental Emergencies

Navigate unexpected dental emergencies without worrying about how to pay for them. If you're a patient on record and in need of emergency dental work without insurance, Ross Dental offers flexible payment plans that ensure affordable access to essential treatments.  Get the quality care and pain relief you need, even if you have no insurance.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction for No Insurance Patients

Secure professional wisdom tooth extraction even if you have no insurance coverage. Our dental services cater to uninsured patients, helping you receive the timely removal of problematic wisdom teeth. Experience personalized care and relief from discomfort, all within your budget.

Dental Services for Care Credit 

Ross Dental is always accepting new patients throughout southeast Wisconsin. Take advantage of our affordable services:

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