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Smile Like You Just Don’t Care – Because You Don’t!

Affordable Dental Crowns, Caps & Bridges

Restore your smile and protect your oral health with a crown or bridgeDental crowns and bridges in Waukesha County

Restorative dentistry is what many consider traditional dentistry: filling cavities, installing crowns and bridges, providing root canals and dentures — things that take your oral health back to tip-top shape. Each of our services, including dental implant restoration and sedation dentistry, are provided by an experienced team.

Our New Berlin dentist will walk you through the dental crown and bridge procedure so you feel comfortable and relaxed in our care. With Ross Dental, we endeavor to be as transparent as possible—We'll help you understand the related costs and results while answering any questions you may have. When you leave Ross Dental after an appointment, you and your mouth will look and feel great.



What about the cost? Are dental bridges & crowns covered by insurance? 

YES! At Ross Dental we accept a wide variety of insurance coverages for all of our restorative dental procedures costs. Traditional dental bridges typically cost an average of $2,000 to $5,000, while implant-supported bridges can cost $5,000 to $15,000. Your actual costs will vary based on the type of bridge and how many teeth need replacing.

Some common dental plans we service include:

Some dental insurance plans have a 12-month waiting period, but unfortunately, toothaches don’t wait around to bother you until you have those benefits. That’s why we offer affordable payment plans to provide you with the dental healthcare you need when you need it.

CareCredit is a beauty and health credit card that can help you if you need dental payment assistance. Go to their website and apply and get approved from the privacy of your own home. 

CareCredit Financing
If you don't have insurance and don't have the credit to apply for CareCredit, come discuss your dental care payment options with Dr. Ross. We'll set up a personalized payment plan just for you, we assure you'll be smiling when you leave our office. 
Brian H. 2019

It started with my first emergency root canal and crown. It was an excellent experience and nothing like I was told it would be like from friends with similar experiences. The staff is amazing and the flexibility was awesome. They all even laugh at my jokes. What I’m trying to say is that they were very honest with me on what needed to be done, took the time to listen and were very friendly. Just got my cleaning today and the experience did not disappoint. Thank you all at Ross Dental. See you in 6 months.

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Check out our no insurance payment plans, or contact our New Berlin Family Dentist to get a quote and learn more about our accepted insurances and payment options.

Dental Bridges vs. Implants — Which type is right for me?Same-day crowns and bridges in New Berlin

When it comes to major dental trauma, bridges and implants are popular restorative options. But which one should you get?

Dental Bridges

Dental Implants

  • Shields multiple teeth using a series of crowns 
  • Artificial root surgically implanted & connected to a crown
  • Short, minimally-invasive procedure
  • Longer, more invasive procedure
  • Less painful than other options
  • Longer recovery time 
  • At-home hygiene required flossing under false tooth
  • Allows you to practice oral hygiene as usual
  • Eventually requires replacement
  • Implants last a lifetime 

Why do I need a crown or a bridge?

If you have a damaged tooth needing repair, a crown or bridge may be your best option for restoration. Our Milwaukee-area restorative dentist may recommend a crown to alleviate a number of dental problems, including: 

  • Restore a fractured tooth 
  • Protect weak teeth from fracturing
  • Replace a filling when not enough tooth remains
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover discolored/misshapen teeth
  • Cover a tooth treated by a root canal 

CEREC Same-Day CrownsBrookfield dental bridge

With Ross Dental, you can get a high-quality, custom crown in just 1 visit. We use digital 3D scanning and CAD/CAM dentistry (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) to make precision-engineered crowns for a perfect fit. Our super natural-looking crowns and ceramics are milled at our very own office, letting our experts have a hand in every stage of the process. Contact us to learn more, or to repair your teeth in a single day!

We use the latest methods in modern dentistry, including the CEREC® system, allowing us to complete even substantial restorative dental treatments in a single visit.

Milwaukee CEREC crowns & bridge


Affordable Dental Care Provided in the Greater Milwaukee Area 

Ross Dental provides the best dental care in Milwaukee County and the surrounding communities of; West Allis, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Waukesha, Franklin, Muskego, Big Bend, Elm Grove, New BerlinHales CornersGreendaleMukwonago, North Prarie, and Wales.

Contact our New Berlin restorative dentist today for services including composite fillings, crowns and bridges, and implant restoration.
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