Step by Step guide for when you loose a tooth

What To Do If You Lose A Tooth

Complete 5-Step Action Plan

Losing a tooth unexpectedly or having one knocked out can be shocking. While upsetting, there are key steps to take immediately while the tooth has the best chance of reimplantation or repair. Don’t panic – follow the emergency action plan from Ross Dental if faced with sudden tooth loss. Call our offices immediately and ask about our emergency services for tooth loss.


5-Step Action Plan: What To Do If You Lose A Tooth

Losing a permanent tooth is extremely distressing. Taking urgent, proper action greatly improves chances for repair or reattachment. Follow this 5-step emergency protocol when injury, accident or surprise decay results in complete tooth loss. Contact us and we’ll guide you through aftermath care until an urgent visit. With prompt attention, recovery and restoration are possible. Ross Dental provides emergency dental services for tooth loss.

5 Step Plan

Step 1) Find the Tooth

If a tooth is knocked completely out, locate it immediately if possible. Gently pick it up, avoiding touching the root. If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it without scrubbing tissue from the root area.

Step 2) Protect the Tooth

For an adult tooth, carefully store it in a cup of milk or saline solution. If unavailable, keep the tooth carefully between your teeth and gums, under the tongue en route to the dentist. The goal is maintaining moisture and cell vitality.

Step 3) Control Bleeding

Apply gauze or a clean cloth to the missing tooth socket and bite down firmly. Elevate your head equal to or above your heart level to slow bleeding.

Step 4) Seek Urgent Dental Care

Call our emergency line immediately for guidance to increase the chances of reattachment and for urgent evaluation. Timing is critical for reimplantation viability, so contact us right away before tooth root cells dry out.

Step 5) Preserve Tooth Socket

Until you can be seen, rinse your mouth gently without spitting excessively to protect the tooth socket. Avoid smoking, drinking via a straw or touching the area. Take over-the-counter pain relievers as needed.

Saving a knocked-out tooth requires a quick, methodical emergency response. Contact Ross Dental the moment trauma occurs to improve viability. With urgent care, reattachment or implants remain strong options for single tooth loss recovery.

Complete 5 step action plan, what to do if you lose a tooth

I Lost a Tooth, What are My Options?

Suffering surprise tooth loss leaves patients wondering what comes next. Fortunately, from emergency stabilization to replacements like dental implants, Ross Dental provides urgent care followed by tooth substitution if repairs fail. Immediately after trauma, we prioritize controlling bleeding and protecting the intact tooth root and gum socket as much as possible.

If brought swiftly to our office, reimplantation remains attempted first, carefully reinserting natural teeth into sockets for potential reattachment using tiny stabilizing splints. With young patients and upper front teeth, this route sees the best prognosis. The success odds for reimplantation decrease as the duration of the tooth is outside the mouth or the extent of injury increases.

If the lost tooth cannot be salvaged or fails to reintegrate, single-tooth implants provide excellent natural-looking and long-term tooth substitutions. We precisely insert implant posts fused right into the jawbone that life-like individual crowns get secured onto. With proper emergency response, tooth removal does not mean permanent loss. Let our team provide urgent care through every stage after trauma so you regain completeness comfortably.

Losing a Tooth FAQ

1. Why do adults lose teeth?

Adults can lose teeth from gum disease, tooth decay, accidents or untreated dental issues that lead to tooth extraction.

2. How can I prevent teeth from falling out?

Maintaining good oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups and adopting a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, can prevent teeth from falling out.

3. If my tooth fell out, can I glue it back in?

Gluing a tooth back in is not recommended. Seek immediate dental assistance, as proper reattachment requires professional evaluation and care.

4. If I lose a tooth can it be replaced?

Yes, lost teeth can be replaced through various dental procedures, such as dental implants, bridges or dentures, depending on the individual's situation.

5. If a permanent tooth falls out will it grow back?

No, permanent teeth do not grow back. Once a permanent tooth is lost, it must be replaced through dental interventions.

6. What happens if you lose a tooth and do nothing?

Failure to address a lost tooth results in adverse consequences, such as the displacement of adjacent teeth, challenges in chewing and the possibility of jawbone loss. It is imperative to seek dental care immediately when losing a tooth.

Ross Dental offers emergency tooth loss services for New Berlin, Muskego, Waukesha, Milwaukee, West Allis, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, Menomonee Falls and more.
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